Language Services

Versatile Business Solutions provides health care interpreter/translation services to hospitals, physician offices, and laboratories throughout the United States. Our staff has more than 50 years of combined experience in the health care industry.

VBS analysts study immigration trends, anticipating interpretation needs and continually expand language services. VBS currently offers language interpretation in more than 175 spoken languages, and the list continually grows. VBS also offers extensive document translation services.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations have long relied on VBS for medical interpreters as well as for medical translation services. For patient and provider security and compliance, VBS medical interpreters and translators are bound by HIPAA regulations and an enforced Code of Ethics.

Verbal communication between patients and healthcare professionals is an essential ingredient to quality medical care. VBS' medical interpreters are qualified and highly experienced. They have completed rigorous training, ensuring that your staff and patients can clearly understand each other. Our medical interpreters are immediately accessible for over-the-phone interpreting and are there when you need them.

VBS strives to provide patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and everyone else in the medical fields with accurate and timely communication. This is why VBS helps you with the following:

We strive to provide patients, researchers, healthcare workers and everyone else in the medical industry with timely and accurate translation. This is why VBS assists with the following: